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Bailu No.9(Organic – Inorganic Compound Granular Fertilizer

From:chinabaicao Time:2017-01-23 11:16

Organic – Inorganic Compound Granular Fertilizer with Alga


Bailu No.9 is a new type of compound granular fertilizer with Alga active substances and also other high content of nutrients which can actively improve the structure of soil and physically increase the absorption and utilization of various nutrients, ultimately promote the growth of the crops.


Composition:  N-P-K: 10-5-10

                       Organic matters: ≥ 10%

                        Seaweed extract: ≥ 10%



1. Comprehensive nutrition, high activity, special function and wide application;

2. Extend the efficiency of fertilizer and improve the structure of soil;

3. Improve the moisture and fertility preserving ability and strengthen the self-control of crops;

4. Make the root system large, stems and leaves vigorous, with high ability of disease-resistance, anti-freeze, drought-tolerant.



Base application: 280kgs / Acre; 700kgs /Ha.

Top dressing: 140kgs/ Acre; 350 kgs /Ha.


Packing:  50 kgs / bag


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