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Bailu No.6

From:chinabaicao Time:2017-01-23 11:15


Bailu No.6 is developed according to the combination of pest-killing and diseases-preventing characters of Chinese herbs and also the well balanced nutrition –offering characters of Seaweed extract fertilizers. Chinese herbs ingredients and active substances from Marine creatures have been added in this product on the basis of conventional base fertilizers, in this way, it can not only provide well balanced nutrition to crops, but also has very good function as pest-dispeller. 

Key ingredients:

Alga active substance≥15%

N-P-K: 7-2-2

Organic matter:30%



1. High content of organic matter and fertilizer efficiency is durable.

2. Improve the soil and make it favorable for microorganism.

3. Supply the nutrition timely during the seedling period; promote the growth

    of root system and create a fitting soil condition to strengthen the seedling.





Application time


Base application:600—800kgs/Ha

Application 3 days before planting.



Base application:500kgs/Ha

Soil application 1~2 days before planting.


 Base application: 800kgs/Ha

Application 3 days before planting.

Economic crops

Base application:600—800kgs/Ha

Application 3 days before planting


Validity: 3 years

Packings:  20kgs woven bags

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