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Bailu No.3 (Seaweed Extract Compound Liquid)

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Bailu No.3 contents Macro elements NPK and over 40 kinds of secondary and Micro elements, which is in Chelated form; this product also contents natural PGR such as Cytokinin, Gibberellin, Alginic acid etc, particularly this product is enriched with Alginic Amylose, Alginic acid, high unsaturated fatty acid which possessed only by Marine creatures, therefore our products have nourishment, anti-diseases and yield-increasing functions, which has been considered as natural nutrition, virus and diseases-inhibitor and plant growth substance.


Key ingredients:

Alginic Acid : ≥2%                                                                          
Fe: 11.4 g/L          
Cu: 12.0 g/L                                             
Zn: 6.5 g/L                                               
Mn: 6.5 g/L 


1. A totally balanced formulation and specially adapted to the plants’ need.
2. Correct the deficiencies of necessary trace elements, and improve the quality of harvest.
3. Feed the plant and activate the general metabolism.
4. Increase chlorophyll content and strengthen photosynthesis. Bring greener leaves and more colorful flowers, and prolong blossoming period.
5. Anti-stress and anti-insect attack.


Application :

1.Foliar spray: Dilute the product by 1000-1200 times water.




Application methods

Leaf vegetables

2~3 L/ Ha

1. One spray at seedling stage.
2. 3~4 sprays in growing stage, frequency is every 7~10 days.

Cucumber, Cucurbit

2~3 L/ Ha

1. One spray at seedling stage.
2. 2~3 sprays in growing stage, frequency is every 7~10 days.


1~2 L/ Ha

1. Irrigate roots at seedling stage.
2. One spray at seedling stage.
3. Spray in growing stage every 10~25 days.

Apple, Citrus, Pear

2~3 L/ Ha

Spray before bloom and mid fruit set with the interval of 7~10 days.


1~2 L/ Ha

3 sprays at tillering stage, spray separately at heading stage and milking stage.


1~2 L/ Ha

Spray from 4 leaves stage, 3 sprays with the interval of 10~15 days.


1~2 L/ Ha

Root-irrigating at seedling stage.
Spray in bud and bolling stage with
interval of 10~15 days.


1~2 L/ Ha

Twice a month at seedling stage, 2 sprays at growing stage.


1~2 L/ Ha

Every 15 days.

Other crops

1~2 L/ Ha

2~3 sprays every growing stage.

2.Fertigation: Fertigation with hosepipe, it will have a synergizing action together with other fertilizers, and recommended dosage is: 2.0~2.5kg/ha.

3.Root dipping: dilute the product by 2000~3000 times water and then dip the roots.

Shelf life: 3 years

Packings: 200L Plastic drum   20L 
Plastic drum    1 L Coex Bottle

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