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Bailu No.2 (Seaweed Extract Liquid)

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Bailu No.2 contents alginic active matters and various kinds of trace elements、amino acid etc, which can provide more nutrients to crops.


Key ingredients:

Alginic acid: 2%-6%
Organic matter: ≥10%
N: 0.3-0.5%
P2O5: 0.1-0.2%
K2O: ≥6.0%
Dry matter: ≥35%



1. Natural green fertilizer integrated in efficacies of nutrition, disease-resistance and yield increasing.
2. Improve the ventilation of the soil and be good for crop’s nutrition absorption.
3. Promote the metabolism of the crop and decrease its water loss.
4. Promote growth vigor and anti-stress ability.
5. Improve crop health and productivity, and enhance the quality of crops.

Application :

1.Foliar spray: Dilute the product by 1000 times water and 3 to 4 continuous application at 20 days interval.




Spraying time


3~4 L/Ha

3 applications:
1. 6 leaves stage
2. Tuber approx. bean size
3. Bulking up

Onion, Carrot, Leeks

6 L/Ha

Pre and post planting, soil application




Spraying time

Pear, Apple

3 L/Ha

3 applications:
1. At first bud
2. After blooming
3. 4 weeks later


3 L/Ha

3 applications:
1. Seedling stage
2. Leaves spreading
3. Fruits formation


3 L/Ha

3 applications:
1. New flush at 150mm
2. Flowering and fruit set
3. 3 weeks later


Other crops


Spraying time


3 L/Ha

Pre and post emergence and pre-tassel


3~4 L/Ha

Pre and post emergence and mid squaring


3 L/Ha

Pre and post emergence and early bloom

2. Fertigation: Fertigation with hosepipe, it will have a synergizing action together with other fertilizers, and recommended dosage is: 2.0~4.0kg/ha.

3. Seed-soaking: Before planting, Bailu No.2 can also be used as a seed-soaking treatment, which can help seeds to germinate in advance. Dosage: 1~2 kgs/ 1 Mt seeds.

4. Root dipping: dilute the product by 1000 times water and then dip the roots.

1. Bailu No.1 has very good combinability with most pesticides and fertilizers.
2. Please keep this product in an arid place with the temperature of 5~40 ℃.

Shelf life: 3 years.

Packing: 20L plastic drum   20L plastic drum   1L Coex bottle

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