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Granu-Star(Seaweed Granular Fertilizer)

This product is developed with the combination of NPK plus microelements and also Seaweed extract. The active substances from Marine creatures have been added in this product on the basis of conventional base fertilizers, in this way, it can not only provide well balanced nutrition to crops, but also can increase the fertility of the soil.


Key ingredients:

Alga active substances




Organic matter





1. High content of organic matter and fertilizer efficiency is durable
2. Improve the soil and make it favorable for microorganism
3. Supply the nutrition timely during the seedling period; Promote the growth of root system and create a fitting soil condition to strengthen the seedling Supply nutrition for the growth of the late stage;


Application :
Base application: 600-800kgs/Ha

Top dressing: 300~400kgs/Ha

Shelf life: 3 years
Packing: 5kgs woven bags
                 50kgs woven bags

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