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HIGRO (NPK + Humic acid Fertigator)

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HIGRO (NPK + Humic acid Fertigator)


Higro, according to the principle of balanced fertilization and nutrient uptake pattern of crops, is a new type of water flush fertilizer. It is a herb-source, high content of nutrition, quick action water flush fertilizer


Main composition:


Humic acid ≥5%

organic matters ≥30%



1. Good water solubility; fit for fertigation application.

2. Increase the fertilizer utility ratio through activating the nutrients in the soil.

3. Rapid nutrition supplementation to crops to improve the quality of crops.

4. Improve the anti-stress ability of crops by increasing the number of the soil organisms.

5. The content of humic acid can help to improve the activity of the soil and enhance the fertilizer conservation ability.


Target crops:

Vegetables in greenhouse, fruit trees, horticulture and so on.





Application method


Vegetables in greenhouse, fruit trees, horticultur

Seeding stage

Fertigation, root irrigation, spot application or dip irrigation

60-90 kg/ha.

Middle and later period of growth

150 kg/ha

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