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Effect of Anvir (fungous proteoglycan)

From:chinabaicao Time:2016-05-16 17:18

Use Anvir on summer squash virous disease
Time: Sept. 2 and Nov. 24, 2008
Location: Yanggu, shandong. Jiyang, Jinan city. (tel: 0531 8448 1068)  green house
Crops: Green house summer squash/ green house cucumber
Treatment: Baiclean (oligo saccharin) + Anvir (fungous proteoglycan), 500~600 times dilution rate.
Result: Good effect showed on the summer squash after twice application, the new leaves grew well. The cucumber disease got controlled after the first application, good effect received, after the second application, the new leaves began to grow in a healthy way.
Result: The effect reached as high as 92% prevention rate, and lasted for 17 days. The farmers have saved lots of labor force and costs. The product became the first choice for beet armyworm, cabbage armyworm and tobacco cut worm.



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