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Cropshield on Preventing Root Knot Nematode

From:chinabaicao Time:2016-05-20 11:03

Sale district: Dongchagou, Kuanbang Town, Suizhong County
Salesman: Weimin Gao, Cell: 13470637087
Farmer: Baogang Deng, Cell: 13842912679
Crop: Cucumber
Test target: Use Cropshield + abamectin to cure root knot nematode (cropshield can promote the roots and control nematode, abamectin can kill the nematode.)
Time: First time Sept. 3, 2011 (divided into 3 parts)
Part A: Abamectin (180ml/ bottle) (200m2 totally use 400ml)
Part B: Abamectin + Cropshield (600m2 use 1200ml abamectin and one drum of Cropshield)
Part C: Abamectin 400ml+ Cropshield 300ml
Condition before test: the leaves are wilting, tumors on the roots


Condition After test:

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