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Seedling with Bailu 4, what the roots expect for!

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Seedling with Bailu 4, what the roots expect for!

Foliar spray or root dipping with Bailu 4 in the seedling stage, it will help the plant to grow a strong root system, Improve the plant growth from the following aspects,

1. Help crops with roots efficiently, enhance them to absorb nutrition and water and improve the ventilation of the soil.
2. Enhance root system growth.
3. Accelerate the reproduction of the beneficial microorganism and activate the solid nutritional elements in soil.

Application Method:
1.Foliar spray: Dilute the product by 1000 times water and irrigation after transplanting.
2.Root Dipping: Dilute the product by 1000 times water and dip the roots after transplanting.
3.Cutting dipping: Dilute the product by 100-200 times water and dipping prior to planting.

Effect of Bailu 4.






Location: Wangqiao Vegetable and Melon plantation in Huai’an City, Jiangsu Province.
Crop: Bottle gourd  in latin, Lagenariasiceraria(Molina)Standl. Var. hispida(Thunb. )Hara[CucubitahispidaThunb. ]
Date: Application on Mar. 8, 2009, and observe on Mar. 20, 2009
Test Design: Transplant the seedlings with two cotyledons, Root dipping at 500 dilution rate with Bailu 4 to group I, group II are without Bailu 4, as contrast.

1. The survival rate of seedlings in group I is much higher than group II.
2.The seedlings in group I are stronger and with bigger leaves, the root system is well developed.
Photo Left: Group II for contrast. Photo Right: Group I with Bailu 4 for 500 times diluted root dipping 


Effect of Bailu 4.
Customer: Shao’an Yang
Date: Jul. 16, 2009
Location: Yanggu, Shandong Province.
Crop: Eggplant seedlings is disease erupted in other farms.



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