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Product Description:

Through Biologic techniques, protein amylase and the like bioactivators have been extracted from the offal (such as fungus bran and the mushroom authority base) during mushroom production and an environmental friendly bio-fungicide is compounded with good control efficacy on the virus, disease, and physiological disease of crops. In addition, this product contains trace elements such as zinc, iron, copper, calcium , as well as amino acid, which are needed during the growth of plants, thus it can effectively promote the growth and development of crops.


Active ingredient: 1% Fungous Proteoglycan


pH value: 5.5-7


Bioactivity: anti-virus



1. Effectively passivate the infectious activity of virus, suppress the reproduction of virus, and then enhance the plant’s fastness.

2. Has good control efficiency on epidemic disease of plants.

3. Enhance yields of crops and improve the quality of products.

4. It has a wide coverage, no residue, no harm to animals or human beings and no pesticide-resistance will occur.


Application method:



Time of application



Tomato  Cucumber

Melon   Potato

Garlic   Peanut

Corn    Tobacco

Rice    Eggplant.

Green Pepper

Chinese Cabbage




Mosaic disease

Virus disease


Leaf blotch.

Before colonization, before stream entry and after stream entry

7-10 days before colonization, or the early stage


Foliar spray


Seed soaking for 3-4 hours


Before colonization


Root dipping, for 30 minutes


Root irrigating




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