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Product Description:
Extracted from mushroom, the product acquires the active ingredient 
of 2% fungous proteoglycan. It is rich in amino acid, secondary elem-
ents and trace elements.  
1.By foliar spray, the product can be absorbed rapidly by crops. It will 
   be observed in short time that the leaves turn greener and thicker. 
   The photosynthesis will be enhanced. 
2.It inhibits and destroys the forming of virus nuclein acid and protein. 
   The replication of virus will be prevented by this product and in this 
   way, the virus will be eradicated.
3.It brings the healthy growth to the crops again. No harm to leaves, 
    flowers and fruits.
4.It has remarkable performance on TYLCV.

 Target crops: Tomato, Cucumber, Tobacco
 Target virus: Mosaic virus and TYLCV
 Application method:
1.Foliar spray at the 500 times dilution. Make 3 applications continuously at the 7-10 days interval.
2.The application could be made before transplanting, during rejuvenation, blossom and fruits setting period.




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