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From:chinabaicao Time:2017-01-18 15:54

Concentration: 5%

Common name: Matrine

Appearance: dark brown liquid. 
Solubility: Dissolve in ethanol, chloroform, toluene, benzene, acetone. 
                  Dissolve in water, not easy in hot water.
Stability: not stable in strong light, and adding antioxidant can prevent its oxidation.
 [2R-(2a,6aalpha,12aalpha)]-1,2,12,12a-tetrahydro-8,9-dimethoxy-2-(1-methylethyl)[I] benzopyranol [3,4-b] furo 12,3-h] [I]benzopyran-6(6aH)-one .
 High activity and broad spectrum, speedy degradation in enavironment and low residue and can be used in green foods.The function mechanism: Paralyse nerve center, contact poison first, then solidify albumen and stop up the air vent of insect body, finally make the insect die of suffocation; Suppress microsomal monooxygenase,; and reduce live rate and hinder growth of larva.



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