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Pymetrozin 8%+Buprofezin17% SC

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Product Description:

Pymetrozin is  new non-lethal insecticide active against motile forms of Hemiptera, including those with MACE and esterase resistance.
Buprofezin is insecticide with persistent larvicidal action against Homoptera, Coleoptera and Acarina.
Function Mechanism:
Buprofezin: Persistent insecticide and acaricide with contact and stomach action; It inhibits moulting of nymphs and larvae leading to death, suppresses oviposition by adults and treats insects lay sterile eggs.
Pymetrozin: It is plant-systemic insecticide .It blocks the mouthparts of insects. The insects cease feeding and die of starvation.

Crops Target Insects Dilution Rates Application Guide
 Paddy  Brown Planthopper, White-  backed planthopper, Rice  Leafhoppe,
 Small brow Planthopper.
2000-2500   Foliar spray during      the peak of the hatching period  
Brassicaceous vegetable
Aphid 2000-3000  Foliar spray during population  begins to flourish
Fruit trees Phylloxera, Aphid,  Scale insect 1000-2000  Foliar spray during  the peak of the hatching period
Greenhouse vegetable Whitefly 1500-2500  Foliar spray during population  begins to flourish
Tobacco,Cotton, Potato Aphid 2000-2500  Foliar spray during population  begins to flourish
Tea plants Jassid 1000-2000 Foliar spray
Wheat,Corn Small,Brown Planthopper,Aphid 2000-2500  Foliar spray during population  begins to flourish


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