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Baicao No.7

From:chinabaicao Time:2016-05-20 11:08


Product Description:

It has excellent systmetic and osmosis effect As neonicotinoid insecticide,it acts on nervous system of insects to block the receptor of insects’ neuraxon Synapse by restraining the activity of acetylcholinesterase and stimulating the neuromuscular junction(NMJ) of Skeletal muscle of parasympathetic plant neuroganglion directly.


Active ingredient: 10% Nitenpyram


Main source material:


Function mechanism and mode of action:

Contact poison firstly and stomach poison secondly.


Totoxicity: Low toxicity


Safety to wildlife: no harm


Application Method:


Target pest

Suitable time for Application

Dilution Rate

Fruit tree
Flowering plant
Tea plant
Tobacco Paddy

Rice plant hopper

Before harvest

500-1000 times

Green rice leaf hopper

Stink bug


White fly



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