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0.5% Emamectin Benzoate ME

From:chinabaicao Time:2016-05-20 11:10


Product Description:

it is the latest biological insecticide, which can be used as a perfect substitute for high-toxic pesticides, to control lepidopterous pests such as cabbage moth which has generated resistance to normal pesticides


Active ingredient: 0.5%, 1.9%, 3% Emamectin benzoate


Toxicity: Low toxicity


Function mechanism and mode and action :

Stomach poison firstly and contact poison secondly.


Effect method


Target pest

Suitable time for Application

Dilution Rate

Fruit tree
Tea tree

Beet armyworm

Early stage of insect occurrence

2,000—3,000 times

Cabbage armyworm

Tobacco cut worm

Cotton bollworm

Apple leaf roller







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