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Gibberellic Acid

From:chinabaicao Time:2017-01-22 10:27

Product Description:
Gibberellic Acid, commonly referred to as GA3, is a naturally occurring plant growth hormone that is harvested from fungus and produced commercially for the agriculture and home gardening to improve plant growth and yields. Gibberellic Acid can affect growth by its effect on cell growth and cell elongation. Such effects are often seen in stem growth as well as root growth. It can be used safely on fruit, vegetables, and leaf crops.
Active ingredient: Gibberellic acid
CAS No.: 77-06-5 
Molecular Weight: 346.4 
Molecular formula: C19H22O6 
Types of formulation: 90%TC, 40%GR, 20%SP, 10%Tablet, 3%EC 
Mode of Action: Acts as a plant growth regulator on account of its physiological and morphological effects in extremely low concentrations. Generally affects only the plant parts above the soil surface.
1. Breaks the dormancy of seed, tuber, bulb and other organs
2. Accelerates maturity and increases yield
3. Improves fruit set and fruit size
4. Stimulates plant growth and reduces the effects of stress. Maintains fruit quality when applied post-harvest.
5. Helps maintain foliage growth during periods of stress
6. Promotes early season growth and increase seedling vigor
7. Elongates and loosens clusters to enhance air circulation and light penetration.
8. Extends leaf retention and maintains green foliage



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